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Doubledragon RIP Downhillbike
(more Details to come in near future)

Description Doubledragon Downhillframe 2012

The development history of our new frame goes back to the year 2006, when downhill racer Matthias Reichmann felt the urge to just develop the perfect downhillbike.
3 years later, Matthias Reichmann and some friends from his gravity club (G-Force) again felt the urge to get this frame in reality. So Matthias finished the design and a prototype was built, the so-called G-Bike. This G-Bike was raced during season 2010, and a slightly improved version came into production in Winter 2010 / 2011. The production was completely done in Germany, from the machining in Rittershausen at Jonathan Debus (who by the way participates at downhill-worldcups), over the build-up and welding of the mainframe and swingarm in Karlsruhe at Ingo Müller, to Maxi Sorgers Garage in Markdorf, where Maxi and Matthias did the final assembly of  our first frames. Maxi by the way did also the powdercoating of our first series, and he machined the parts of our first prototype.
This has also been the birth of the doubledragon destructors. The destructors were ridden and raced during Season 2011, bringing some riders even to the podium at swiss, german and european downhill cups.

Today, it is time to relaunch one of the best performing downhill rigs our world has seen. This winter, the production of an even slightly improved version will take place.

Technical details:

    Shocklength: 240 mm (custom BOS-Setup available... but also works with any other brand shock)
    Head tube diameter: 1.5“
    Rear hub: 150x12 mm
    Bottombracket: 83 mm
    Chain guide mounting standard: ISCG 03
    Seat post Diameter: 30.9 mm
    Weight: 3,8 kg (w/o Shock)
    Bearings: double rowed angular ball bearings (3001 2RS) and needle bearings
    Suspension system: RC Cycle designs „Center-force 4-bar linkage“
    Geometry and Travel and suspension characteristics adjustable in 2 Positions as standard ; settings in between possible (very small extra charge)
    Custom geometry possible (extra charge)
    Material: AlZn4,5Mg1; heat treated (= solution annealed and progressively aged)
    Finish: Black anodized or powder coated (any RAL-color)

Size                                                      M                                 L

Headangle                           63° (alt.: 63 - 64°)    63° (alt.: 63 - 64°)

Chainstay length [mm]                       445                             445

Wheelbase [mm]                                1195                           1217

Reach [mm]                                        398                              420

Bottombracket Height [mm]                           + 4.2 / +20mm (adjustable)

Length head tube [mm]                       120                             120

Lenght Toptube [mm]                           579                             601

Travel [mm]                                          203 (219)                    203 (219)

Seat tube length [mm]                         385                             385

Seat Angle                                           57.5°                           57.5°

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